Monday, June 28, 2010

On the Road for Wackiness

It's summer, and many people are on the road traveling to their vacation destinations. And while on the road, travelers are sure to come across a variety of billboards that will cause them to scratch their heads in wonderment.

Here's one that I saw the other week while driving to the North Carolina coast. If you've traveled along Interstate-95 while in the Carolinas, you're sure to have seen one of these South of the Border monstrosities. I remember seeing these signs years ago as a kid, and their annoyance factor hasn't changed at all.
What is Pedro doing with his hands underneath the blanket...and why is he smiling so big?

Even more puzzling is this billboard found by my good friend, Al Wirtes, on his recent trip to Disney World.

Jeez, how the hell do I read this sign?! The person who designed it apparently had Patriotic Tourette Syndrome.

Be sure to check out Al's blog, Jive Mofo. You'll find it a jingoism-free zone.


kingofgrief said...

I'm a citizen of One Nation OVER God myself....

Anonymous said...

Me too. I reserve the phrase "under God" for places like ISIS.

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