Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pedro's Reality Ride

The other week as I was driving down I-95, I passed a number of those infamously annoying South of the Border billboards (see Monday's Gallery entry). And even though, having grown up in North Carolina, I have known about this tourist trap for most of my life, I've yet to visited the place. But I learned the other day that my friend, Andy Kunka, has had that "pleasure." He and a friend, Chris Sims, took a trip to South of the Border last year, and among the many curious--and depressing--sights they experienced was a sign for Pedro's Reality Ride:

This is indeed a creepy sight, something like Pee Wee Herman meets David Lynch. I asked both Chris and Andy what exactly the reality ride was all about. They told me that they couldn't discern any actual ride, but that they just assumed it had something to do with the giant freaky Pedro head behind the sign.

Be sure and check out Chris and Andy's South of the Border adventures at Chris's Invincible Super-Blog. Your life will never be the same afterwards.

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