Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Putz Stuff

I'm wondering if there's something in the air, or perhaps some kind of demented harmonic convergence. In the past couple of days I've received submissions from two dedicated fans of the Gallery, and both of them have to deal with...well, see for yourself.

Here's something sent in by John Bird, who recently found this in a Chinese market.

I know I had featured a Grace Cock Flavored Soup Mix label a couple of years ago, but this one is slightly different. It's "authentic Jamaican."

Two days after I received John's submission, longtime Gallery fan, Dave Carvell, sent me this one:
I could say that sponge pudding sounds unappetizing, but I think the other name on the label has cornered that market.

I know these are legitimate food items with legitimate names. But hey, indulge that immature side of yourself and have a few chuckles.

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