Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friends, Don't Let Friends Drive Stupid

Normally on the Gallery of the Absurd, I try to stick to the site's original dedication to contemporary advertisements, signs, and labels that usually have something to do with marketing. Today, however, I'll expand my definition of "advertisement" or "sign" to include window stickers on vehicles. This morning in the drive-thru line of a Starbucks, I found myself stuck behind some conservative yahoo in a gas guzzler with annoying stickers on her back window.

The sticker on the right stated that this person didn't believe the liberal media. Wow, I guess all of those corporate bigwigs who actually own the major media outlets will be disappointed to hear they've lost this customer.

Even more enlightening is the blue sticker toward the left, which states the following: "Hungry? Out of work? Eat your hope and change." This must be a caring and loving individual. I bet she's a true Christian, too.

Then there was the sticker on the top left. It said something about how the Bill of Rights was never passed by Congress. I guess that Wikipedia is indeed a valuable resource for many people.

What made all of this even more infuriating for me is the fact that this person drove up to the cashier's window and remained there for about 5 minutes. She was talking about something with the employee. Maybe they were reminiscing about Timothy McVeigh.

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Ryan said...

Ugh. I see the "How's that Change working out for ya?" sticker sometimes, and I honestly don't know what that means.

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