Thursday, March 3, 2011

Phortune Phun

We were at a Chinese restaurant the other day, and this was the image on the fortune cookie package:

What struck me immediately was the fact that this was in elaborate color, which I usually don't see. I thought, "cool!" Then I took a closer look, and all kinds of questions entered my head. What is the guy leaning on? Is that a giant pear? What about the fingers on his right hand? Were the middle three amputated for some reason? And what the hell is that thing on top of his head? It looks like a cross between a rat and a rooster, and somehow he's fitted it onto his noggin.

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Nora said...

The fruit is a peach, symbol of longevity in Chinese folklore (and, by extension, in other Asian traditions as well). It's often portrayed with the cleft up and the stem down, not that I can tell you why. Maybe to show off the feature that most obviously identifies it as a peach?

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