Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bang Bang

Patriotism means shooting off loud incendiary devices that go bang!--and of course, glorifying the use of guns and egregiously misrepresenting history. That's the message you can take away from this week's installment of


Below is a small collection of cards and stamps from early in the 20th century. Technically they're not advertisements--at least, they aren't advertising a specific consumable product--but in a way, I guess you could look at them as advertising an idea.

The first is a vintage image of a young boy's big head surrounded by ignited firecrackers. I'm sure this is a message that every loving parent wants to send.

I find this stamp curious. The kid is asking you to "go off" with him, and notice the angle at which he's holding that long red phallic object. Hmmmm......

Apparently, this is what celebrating in America is all about: running around like a crazy person shooting your gun and blowing up things, all the while waving a flag to glorify your nationhood. All that is missing is Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA."

Finally, this image of Uncle Sam really disturbs me. It's not so much that he's waving around a firecracker, but it's the crazed look on his face as he does so. It makes you wonder who the real terrorist may be.

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