Thursday, September 29, 2011

Krazy Kourtesy

Here's a small courtesy sign I found at a Days Inn:

They ought to have an editor do a thorough reading of their messages before they print them. For instance, is it really necessary for them to include "truly" in that first complete sentence? It's like they're trying too hard to convince us of their sincerity. Also, do they really need both "variety" and "sundry" in that third sentence?

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johndporter said...

Well, actually, "sundry" has in some contexts (including this one) a specific meaning: "Toiletries and other usually small items both of no large value, and too numerous to mention separately such as cosmetics, threads, needles (notions) et cetera." (per Wikipedia)

In addition, "various and sundry" is a common English idiom, even if it is somewhat redundant.

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