Thursday, December 29, 2011

Safe Sex for the Mentally Challenged

This image was on the Village Voice's blog, but it's well worth presenting it here on the Gallery. It's an advertisement for Durex condoms that ran in India:

I know that a large part of the responsibility of putting on the condom rests with the man. But don't you think that the woman should know whether or not he actually used it? If she's so clueless (AKA, stupid), then maybe she shouldn't be in a situation that would even remotely lead to breeding.

Or maybe this woman found an empty condom wrapper in her apartment and is wondering if her lover/husband used it with someone else?

Or maybe she's brain damaged and just likes standing in front of empty packages.

Or maybe she's just mesmerized by anything related to contraception.

Any of these possibilities would make sense...wouldn't they?

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