Monday, February 13, 2012

Wild Wayne Game

My god, there are so many things wrong and/or disturbing about this sign for the Baptist Temple's upcoming Wild Game Supper:

  1. The bullet hole images that populate the sign. Guess this kind of advertisement would be difficult to account for in places like Columbine and Virginia Tech.
  2. For their Wild Game Taste Contest, note the sell: "If you shot it, caught it, or trapped it, cook it and bring it - We'll eat it!"
  3. Dr. Gene Howard, professional John Wayne impersonator. Ah, there's nothing like toting a rifle and exploiting the image of a dead man to get your mouth all watering.
  4. The fact that they capitalized the "I" in "impersonator."
  5. It's understandable that the Wayne impersonator would be on the Sean Hannity Show, but Good Morning, America?
  6. And perhaps most disturbing of all: this event is sponsored by a church group. Thank you, Baptist Temple, for showing us all the meaning of Christ's nonviolent gospel.
Oh well, it could be worse. The top door prize could be an AK-47, and they could have a Chuck Norris impersonator.

Much thanks, once again, to Bill Elliott for his sharp(shooting) eye.

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