Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kute Kirk

My wife alerted me to this abomination yesterday: 

The official Star Trek website, which featured this ad, describes the figurine this way:

[T]his has to be just about the cutest Captain Kirk… ever. The piece is the brand-new Star Trek Precious Moments “Captain Kirk” Figurine, which depicts a youthful, contemplative and confident Kirk seated on a command chair, and is the inaugural piece in a limited-edition set from The Hamilton Collection. The “Captain Kirk” Figurine, also referred to as Issue One: To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, stands 4 ½ inches high, features Sam Butcher’s adventurous lad as Kirk and is handcrafted in artist’s resin and meticulously painted.

I doubt that I will ever be able to quit throwing up.

This piece from The Hamilton Collection is right up there with similar fear-inducing products from the Ashton-Drake company, e.g., My Joy, My Pain, Cute as a Button, Heavenly Handfuls, M&M Miniatures, Little Devil, and Claire.

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