Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Am I Bleu?

Lately I've been posting pictures of some irritating billboards that litter my drive to work on the Dallas North Tollway.  I've been scared shitless by the Asphalt Clown, and left in a quandary by the Dorky Balanced Guy.  Now comes righteous indignation with the Bleulab Girl:  

The quality of the picture may not be great -- hey, what do you expect, this was taken with my smart phone while stuck in traffic -- but it's good enough to tell that you're basically looking at an anorexic in this billboard.  I get irritated by the use of unnaturally thin women used to sell products to a wide population, the vast majority of whose female members are nowhere approximating that shape and size.

As if that billboard wouldn't irritate me enough, I checked out the Bluelab website, and this is the image that greeted me:

What the f**k?!  What the hell is that woman wearing?  What's that hand grenade doing in her mouth?  And is that a doily, the kind my grandmother used to have on her furniture, wrapped around her head?  Damn, now I'm really pissed off.

For a much more realistic version of women's bodies, all grenade-free, be sure to check out the website About-Face.  They're wise to these marketing and media types.

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