Friday, December 28, 2012

Masking the Holidays

More madness and mayhem produced by the commingling of clowns and Christmas: 

I'm immediately reminded of last year's storyline in Detective Comics when the Joker had his face cut off.  But even more disturbing is the actual listing of this monstrosity on the AliExpress website.  This mask is made in mainland China, and this is how the description reads: 

"These latex colorful clown christmas masks scary halloween masks, suitable for masquerade party, christmas, city party, carnival and so on!  There are 3 designs, you can mix order. It would have some latex odour after you just received the mask, please put them on windy place for a while. because  they are in storage and packed opp bags for some time!"

As if that weren't disturbing enough, check out the various designs available along with the people modeling them.

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