Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas Eve Trip to Walmart, Pt. 1

Nothing brings out the horrors of Yuletide commercialism like going to a Walmart on Christmas Eve day.  I had that "pleasure" this afternoon, and while there I found myself face-to-face with terrors that would rival those Kurtz experienced.

On the Gallery of the Absurd, I usually restrict myself to advertisements, signs, and labels.  However, these T-shirts appeared on my radar...and besides, T-shirt fronts are a kind of marketing, right?  

What the hell does a monkey head have to do with Christmas?  And why is a chimp necessarily associated with being bad?  Is flinging poo now a part of the holiday season?

This one is linking a cartoon icon with crass, insatiable consuming.  Is that appropriate?  On the other hand, maybe a soft, dim-witted, absorbing mass composed largely of empty space is an appropriate mascot for our culture this time of year.

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