Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bottled Up

Fighting sexism and tastelessness since 2010, it's here, it's  now, it's this week's installment of  


Another reminder of the good 'ol 1950s, an era in American history praised and fetishized by Reaganites and right-wingers throughout the land:

So who do we blame for this?  Del Monte? Alcoa? Consumers?

You know, I should begin a new feature in The Gallery of the Absurd devoted to questionable images of women in advertisements.  Something that uses an ironic twist on words.  Maybe something like "A Fairer Sex."

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Oogiewa said...

I'm cancelling my signup, this site is nothing but a twisted liberal piece of shit. Nobody knew it was bad in the 50s, and women do have less strength then men, and the packaging at the time was harder to use, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with that ad at the time. Blow it out your ass, ya self-righteous jerks.

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