Friday, February 1, 2013

Weird Trick Prick

Here we go again, another in a seemingly endless series of cleavage-centered advertising images that have little to do with the product they're supposedly hawking: 

Okay, I understand the link between testosterone and pictures of women's cleavage.  But this one just seems...well, weird.  First and foremost is the word "weird."  What is this trick, why is it weird, and what would it have to do with performance?  Also, why wouldn't you want to share this trick?  Doesn't the image above the headline suggest that the whole point of this product/method is that you want to share it with a particular someone?  And does not sharing this trick have an onanistic implication?  Is that what they mean by "performance"?

For more of these kind of idiotic ads, see Gland Error, Breast Savings, Boob Loan, and Sleep Rack.

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