Monday, June 17, 2013

The Gallery on Hiatus

Dear Friends of the Gallery:

As many of you have noticed, I have not been posting entries on The Gallery of the Absurd since mid-March. This isn't because of the lack of fodder for The Gallery (far from it), but rather, it stems from a redirection of time and energies. Last year my friend Andy Kunka and I began a podcast, The Comics Alternative, a weekly show devoted to the discussion and analysis of comics (primarily indie or non-superhero titles). Furthermore, over the past couple of months we have been developing The Comics Alternative through enhanced episodes, increased sponsorships, and with plans for a substantive blog, complete with book reviews, critical analyses, and interviews. We've been putting a lot of work into this endeavor, and I have found that this has been limiting my free time...including the time I have devoted to The Gallery of the Absurd. Several of you have contacted me to ask 1) if I am okay -- and yes I am, thanks for asking! -- or 2) if I had quit doing The Gallery of the Absurd. I won't say at this time that I am stopping the Gallery, but due to competing endeavors (i.e., The Comics Alternative), I'm putting the Gallery on hiatus. I may come back to it in the near or later future, but for now I'm taking a break from updating The Gallery of the Absurd.  However, there are PLENTY of Gallery entries for fans to (re)visit, including most of the entires that made up the original Webby Award-winning Gallery of the Absurd from the 1990s. So please, enjoy those. Besides, the original Gallery wasn't a website that was updated daily, but a repository of strange ads, labels, and signs that grew more slowly and developed over time.

So until later, keep your eyes open for the absurd, and contact me if you find any weirdness out there!

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