Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bringing It All Back Home

Hello once again Friends of the Gallery:

Back in June I wrote that The Gallery of the Absurd was going on hiatus, and that this was due primarily to competing responsibilities. I was finding myself devoting more non-work time to other endeavors -- i.e., the podcast and blog, The Comics Alternative -- and having little left for the Gallery.  But with a backlog of weird ads and product labels, with the continued encouragement from my demented friends who keep sending me strange stuff (and you know who you are Al, Brian, Trace, and Nick), and with the marketing crap of the holiday season upon us, I thought that I might find some time, and find it in my heart, to resume entries on The Gallery of the Absurd.

I'll keep it as a simple blog, for now, but I've decided not to base it on scheduled postings. That means that I won't feel impelled to post something almost every day, and I won't maintain the ongoing weekly features such as the Annoying J. Crew Model of the Week and Retro-Adtivity (at least as of now). That was becoming too time consuming, and I want the Gallery to be something that everyone, including me, can enjoy. So for now, I'll be posting weird entries as I find them…which is exactly what I did back in the late 1990s with the original Gallery of the Absurd

All of that being said, please relax, breathe a sigh of relief, and look forward once again to the sweet, nougaty satisfaction that is The Gallery of the Absurd.



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