Monday, November 24, 2014

Inns and Outs

Last month my wife and I were passing through Bessemer, AL, and we were having a difficult time finding a hotel with a vacancy. We ended up staying at this choice location: 

We have no idea why this establishment referred to itself in the plural. But this is in Alabama, after all.

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Gus Grizzel said...

I once stayed at an "inn" (crappy motels are now inns) and it had some Economy name to it, and the shower head was at the level of your stomach. So you could bend over the whole time showering, or sit in the tub and get the shower to rain down on you. No...this wasn't a hand held shower. It was a pipe coming out of the wall with a small showerhead on it. Maybe I wound up in some weird land of elves or something.

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